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The Code (2013)

Derek can’t say he wasn’t warned.


She’s trouble, a co-worker tells him on the walkie talkie as the nineteen-year old rides up and parks his motorbike to deliver a pizza. Be careful.


Delivering a pizza? Derek shrugs it off, and with his helmet still on walks to her door. He shouldn’t have.


The Code is a short and intense thriller, directed by Unusuality’s founder Tariq Nasir, that leads its main protagonist in way over his head as he becomes entangled with one woman and her race for survival.

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An invitation inside. A prick. A syringe. Sex.


There’s grave danger, she says.


“I’m not getting involved in this,” Derek asserts.

“Yes, you are,” Patricia tells him. “You have no idea how involved.”


And that’s just the beginning. The film takes less than a minute to draw the viewer in. Two minutes to know this tale is different. Very different. Intruders in bio hazard suits. Fire at her flat. A body with a bullet hole.


The pair is hiding now. Patricia poised at the edge of the bed in a hotel room, flipping channels. Says what is sought is in her genes… and she’s the only one left.


“Call the police,” Derek says.

“The police,” she says, “can’t help us.”


Patricia reaches for a worn, wrinkled piece of paper. Something scrawled on it. She hands it to him. “Memorize it. Then destroy the paper.”

Short / Sci-Fi
12 min

Rachael Henley



Max Calandrew


Homeless Man

Adam Lewis


Man in Nursing Home Garden

John Rogers

Directed by:

Tariq Nasir


Writing Credits:

Jamil Nasir


Produced by:

Stephanie Robinson (Co-Producer)

Havva Suleyman (Co-Producer)


Music by:

Andrew Beaton


Cinematography by:

Phil Moreton


Film Editing by:

Marios Bekiaris


Second Unit Director or Assistant Director:

Dominic Davey (First Assistant Director)


Editorial Department

Jason R Moffat

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