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Room Service (2011)

A knock at the hotel room door. A middle-aged man sips his drink, walks slowly to open it.


He’s perspiring a little but still confident… he has the money. It’s just a sexual transaction. Something good, but nothing more. His heart rate is going up, though.


He opens the door. Wait. It can’t be. The dark-haired, beautiful young woman who’s arrived at his hotel room right on time is… a woman he knows. He hesitates saying her name. He grins, too.

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This unlikely, uncomfortable and erotic encounter is the narrative of Room Service. The sexual transaction does not unfold as these things normally do. The back story between man and woman, buyer and provider, is too big to ignore. He still wants sex …or so he thinks. She’s still willing to let it happen… or is she? “A life without money,” she says, “is dangerous.”


The man hands over the money. But before there is so much as a touch, the film becomes a fascinating portrayal of desire and self-denial, anger and guilt, fear and shame, humor and sensitivity. In one room. Two people. An accidental meeting.


The camera lingers time and again. There is no rush to this tale, yet the clock ticks away on the time the man pays for.


The conversation veers between warm and wicked. It shocks; it soothes. The man becomes demanding, edging toward violent. The woman seizes the power back, using savvy and not just her body. Who’s in control? Who is accountable for what happens? The film displays a disturbing but still sexy standoff.


Room Servicenot just a simple sexual transaction, after all. They rarely are.

Short / Fiction
17 min

Aoife Lennon


Chris Campbell

Graham Vanas

Directed by:

Tariq Nasir


Writing Credits:

Tariq Nasir (Writer)


Produced by:

Zaria Brilhante (Producer)

Tariq Nasir (Executive Producer)


Music by:

Jean Marc Petsas


Cinematography by:

Phil Moreton


Film Editing by:

Tariq Nasir


Production Design by:

Elisabeth Schusser


Makeup Department:

Gosia Peruzynska (Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist)


Second Unit Director or Assistant Producer:

Maggie Musial (Assistant Producer)


Art Department:

Chloe James (Lead Person)


Sound Department:

Milos Drndarevic (Sound Engineer / Sound Recordist)


Camera and Electrical Department:

Bruno Chiecco (Assistant Camera)

Heath Jamal (Assistant Camera)

Antti Janhunen (Gaffer)

Rina Yang (Gaffer)


Editorial Department:

Jason R Moffat (Colorist)


Other Crew:

Marine Giraud (Script Supervisor)

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