Our Philosophy | Unusuality Productions
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Our Philosophy

The beginning of Unusuality Productions hinged on an unexpected question from a son to his father. The son asked…


“Dad, what are you doing to make things better in the world?”

tariq nasirThe father is Tariq Nasir, who had been talking to his son about making sure his path to adulthood involved giving back, making a difference. Now, Nasir had to look in the mirror.


So he made a decision: he left his job in finance, and in 2005 created a place for storytelling that could strike a chord, enable a voice, open eyes – this place was Unusuality Productions. He made his first film, the feature-length documentary Belonging, which went on to screen in competition at eight international film festivals. He went to film school in New York; he got an M.A. in Directing for Film & Television at the University of Westminster.


“I took a leap of faith,” Nasir says. “I am convinced there is a place and an audience for authentic and eloquent storytelling that can capture emotion, narrow differences and empower peace. If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t do it.” Unusuality wants to go to places few people go, and tell truths others don’t tell.

“We expect to be powerful storytellers, honest storytellers and creative storytellers,” Nasir says. “We are so fortunate to be working with first-rate producers, cinematographers, actors, and thinkers at every turn. And in our documentaries, we do all the work needed to talk to the people who matter most.”


Unusuality uses the natural intensity of invested characters and their uncensored words to uncover and reveal what is so often overlooked.


“The search for truth isn’t always pretty or pleasant,” Nasir says. “But it is always necessary.”


Unusuality tells stories you simply can’t forget – and don’t want to.


“We are a place of unequivocal purpose,” Nasir says. “My son asked me a hard and humbling question that day a few years ago, and this venture is my answer.”