Heath Jamal | Unusuality Productions
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Heath Jamal

heath jamal

Heath Jamal is a Lebanese-born British business strategy adviser. He focuses on sales growth, financial management and corporate development.


He studied International Business Administration with Economics at the American University in Paris, gaining a B.A., and is currently studying for a Masters in Law (LLM) at Birkbeck College, University of London.


Heath started his career in investment banking, working with high profile clients such as JP Morgan Chase and ING-Barings, before setting up his own property company, which he sold in 2009. Since then he has held a number of consultancy and advisory positions with various companies, helping them achieve their objectives in growth, acquisition or disposal.  Heath has used his considerable commercial and financial expertise to assist and advice companies in a number of business sectors such as finance, property, food, telecoms and IT.


Heath joined Unusuality Productions in October 2012 to help build the commercial side of the business and to develop a sales and marketing strategy, with a commitment to deliver growth.  He is excited about working with Unusuality because the company and its people are focused on meeting client needs – offering a unique product that will combine commercial requirements with artistic talent.


When not at work or pouring over legal textbooks, Heath keeps himself busy with volunteer work at his local law centre and helps with study skill groups for first year law students, as well as being an active member of the Birkbeck Law Society.


What is something you might not know about Heath, just by looking at him?

His ultimate ambition is to own a beach bar on a remote island in the Caribbean where the customers mix their own cocktails!